Steps to creating an Urban Garden

Steps to creating an Urban Garden

The first question people may ask on their journey to creating an Urban Garden is, What is an Urban Garden?? An urban garden is anywhere you can grow plants in an urban city dwelling. Vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants or medicinal herbs, among other things, outside or in enclosed spaces on a domestic scale define an Urban garden. Growing vegetables or flowers in the inner city can be done on rooftops, terraces, porches, front yards, or back yards. Some of the benefits of creating Urban Gardens include getting to know your neighbors better which leads to stronger communities. Growing locally also helps lower the price of essentials and everyone can enjoy fresh produce grown from local gardens. Creating Urban Gardens helps with Food security in communities and helps many people to be able to afford nutritious, affordable safe fruits and vegetables, and have enough to last. Here are some of the steps to help start an Urban Garden of your own in your community.

Step#1 Create a space that is safe for Gardening.

Step #2 Make sure you have good soil, sunlight, and a good water source.

Step #3 Have a good Garden Design

Step #4 Clear the area of bad weeds and anything that might pose a threat like containments or bugs that may eat away your garden!

Step #5 Prepare the soil

Step#6 Buying Planters, Garden Beds, and other essential tools to cultivate and watch your Urban Garden Flourish

Step#7 Dedication and Commitment


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