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Industrial Roof Vent Tools Warehouse Greenhouse Workshop Solar Ventilation Eco Energy Powered Brushless DC Motor Air Exhaust Fan

Industrial Roof Vent Tools Warehouse Greenhouse Workshop Solar Ventilation Eco Energy Powered Brushless DC Motor Air Exhaust Fan

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Product Description
SIPL Comprehensive & Innovative Solar Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Having been a strong & experienced & of far sight seeing solar manufacturer in the ventilation industry since from 2012, we make our solar fans into a comprehensive series that they cover your different demands either for roof / wall / ceiling mounting, or for day time heat extraction / day-night time continuous air circulation, or for home / factory / greenhouse / poultry farm / water tank / dome tent / storage cotainer heat exhaust use, etc.

And, to better suit such various ventilation demands, our solar fan series include different size / power options that a smaller power one is enough for a small space application, while a bigger power one or more pieces together is recommended for a large space application!

The solar roof ventilation fan (also home solar system / solar attic ventilator / attic fan solar ventilation / vent fan roof motors / ventilation aluminium vents / battery powered ventilation fan / inbuilt battery fan / solar exhaust fan / solar roof fan / factory exhaust fan / greenhouse solar ventilator with temperature control) here is an amazing day-night-nonstop & smart vent unit that includes a solar battery kit to realize free energy backup even in night time periods, say this HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is 24 hours and absolutely solar panel powered off-grid!

Such easy compact solar device makes it convenient to take advantage of free solar energy in our daily life and work, allowing savings of up to 100%.

It Serves Well Everywhere, Suits All Kinds of Building Installation, and Go Green Life with you throughout 24 hours!

Solar Attic Fan Part:                                                                                                                                        

general electrical & mechanical parameters:
Fan Cover
530*530mm Square shape, galvanization steeling with ourdoor standard powder coating
Solar Panel
50W/22.5V, Polycrystalline cells, 495*580*25mm tilting & angle adjustable;
serve as main power when sunlight is available
Wind Guide Cone &
Wind Guide Blades
SIPL patented ventilation structure;
benefits for a higher air extraction efficiency
Air Duct
14'', dia. 368mm
Fan Motor
IP68 brushless DC motor (SIPL patented fan motor)
Fan Blades
14'', 7pcs, nylon- fiber-aluminum compound unique fan blades
Fan Base
600*600mm Square shape & flat, detachable from fan host, galvanization steeling quality
Fan Host Size
600*600*255mm (when solar panel is fixed horizontally)

Unique Brushless DC Motor:
Our solar attic fan will start and keep running once sunlight is available, own to it is equipped with a best motor. This engine is IP68 waterproof, to assure the fan be suitable to install anywhere:

High Efficiency + Unique Waterproof
* The high energy efficiency feature in our motor supports the fan start running once solar panel input reaches 9V in the morning, and it keeps running until solar panel output drops down to 9V in the afternoon!

* Since IP68 waterproof, our product is guaranteed to work well in a long run, even in those special environments like greenhouse
/ water tanks, etc., while other similar items can not do!

Patented Ventilation Structure:
Our solar attic fan is an axial flow type roof ventilator, but it is made with a 360-degree swirl turbin air ventilation structure
to guarantee no backward air flow from the exterior. This is essential & beneficial:

Wind Guide Baldes + Fan Blades

* The wind guide cone with 24pcs wind guide blade structure is hold a patent by us, to effectively support the interior hot air be extracted out and no any counterforce to reduce the fan efficiency!

* The axial flow type 7pcs fan blade structure is uniquely made from nylon-fiber-aluminum, to upgrade the fan
system with better performance and in quieter operation!

Smart System Controller:
When our solar fan is to connect with a solar battery kit for day-night air ventilation, a Smart Controller is assembled to automatically take care of all power supplies from (or shifts between) its solar panel & battery, and you don't need to do anything nor worry about how to have the fan run by solar panel at sunny hours while by battery in sunless periods!
24 hours nonstop cooperating in a best way:

* if the fan's solar panel is supplying direct power at X%
* battery will be only at (100-X)%

* this smart controller also includes remote control receiver to support the fan be turned on/off by remote controller

Remote Controller
* to turn off/on the fan flexibly
* can turn off the fan automatically after a set 2Hrs/4Hrs operation time
* each time of remote setting is valid for 12 hours only, and the fan then will resume nonstop running
* to replace the old type Cable Cord Switch off/on method

Reliable Product Performance at Easy Installation:
Being a self-contained solar ventilation roof fan, our equipment will work friendly & reliably after you put it onto the building roof. Moreover, own to good product strucure and off-grid solar feature, our solar vent would effectively reduce the possible maintenance trouble for you in future!

Solar Battery System Part:                                                                                                                             

general electrical & mechanical parameters:

Solar Panel
40W/16.5V, polycrystalline cells, 495*495*25mm tilting & angle adjustable
9.6Ah*12.8V, high quality lithium storage battery;
can be charged full in about 4 strong sun hours during day time;
can backup the fan for 19.2 sunless hours (discharge only when the fan's PV output is insufficient)
495*500*67mm (when solar panel is fixed horizontally)
include 3m cable to connect solar battery kit with solar fan

Given sunlight condition varies in different areas, different solar battery kits are available for you, aiming to have battery be sufficiently charged enough in day-time to backup the fan's night-time rotation:
More Solar Battery Kit #
(as per your customization)
Solar Panel
> 40W
Time to Fully Charge Battery
7.7 strong sun hours
5.4 strong sun hours
shorter than 4 strong sun hours

However, if grid electricity is available in the application site, and you have budget on product cost, you can take AC/DC Power Adapter instead of Solar Battery Kit to also realize the fan nonstop running at night:

AC/DC Power Adapter
* AC input is suitable 100~240V
* DC output is maximum 18V 1.5A
* plug to a wall socket
* cable length: 3m
* ultra-high level 6 energy efficiency, standby power consumption is less than 0.075W
Extra Accessories
* if the solar fan is wanted to be always on/off mechanically while sometimes manual controllable, Thermostat would be recommeded to add into the fan system too

* if the solar fan is wanted a Fan Guard to protect fan blades & to prevent small animals entering into the house, 2 kinds options would be available for your selection

* Different Fan Bases are also available to make the solar fan installation be easier

* of course, other customization services are welcomed

                                                          Other Power Options for This Design:                                                         

SN2013005R+SN2013011: 14'' fan, day by 18W solar panel, night by 9.6Ah battery (be charged by 20W PV)
SN2013003+SN2013011: 14'' fan, day by 20W solar panel, night by 9.6Ah battery (be charged by 20W PV)
SN2014006+SN2015005: 14'' fan, day by 30W solar panel, night by 9.6Ah battery (be charged by 30W PV)
SN2016029+SN2015005: 14'' fan, day by 40W solar panel, night by 9.6Ah battery (be charged by 30W PV)

Fan Casing
designed lifespan > 20 years
warranty: 15 years
Solar Panel
designed lifespan > 25 years
warranty: 15 years
Fan Motor & Fan Blades
designed lifespan > 10 years
warranty: 5 years
Solar Battery System
designed lifespan > 8 years
warranty: 2 years
other electronic components
designed lifespan > 10 years
warranty: 5 years
if AC/DC Power Adapter
designed lifespan > 10 years
warranty: 5 years
* the above warranty terms are based on the products be used in normal environments, no corrosive substance surrounded

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